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Advocate of Decentralisation. Entrepreneur, Cypherpunk, Designer & Public Speaker. Specialised in Product Development & Innovation Pathway.

I have been working closely with the developers and communities of many revolutionary projects in the cryptosphere since 2013. An active user of bitcoin communities and a respected member that is constantly involved with the dedicated developers and leaders of this exciting industry.


With a keen eye for the latest advancements and a diverse background, including Industrial Design, Engineering, R&D, Marketing, International Business, Philosophy and Psychology, providing a strong foundation to understand and communicate with a large number of members across different fields.


A regular speaker at Bitcoin conferences throughout Europe, I has been helping share the truth, freedom, and choice that Bitcoin and its partner platforms have to offer. The most recent example of this was through BITNATION’s refugee aid that won an award at the UNESCO Nexplo 2017 forum. I am an advocate of P2P and decentralization in an otherwise centralized world.


Linking ideas together to form a solution is my speciality. I have managed and founded many businesses that have given me a vast amount of knowledge in various fields such as I.T, Design & Marketing, Communications, Web Design & Development, UI/UX, Industrial Design and more.


My background includes: Industrial Design / Engineering, Sustainable Development, International Business, Innovation Design Management and International Design Management. I have worked with various corporations and have since 2013 applied my knowledge to the crypto space.

Public Speaker

I have spoken at over 20 different locations throughout Europe. This includes the EU Commission in Brussels and the UNESCO house in Paris. A regular speaker for Storj, ETHLend, meshing networks and many other decentralised initiatives.

Blockchain Consultant

I have been involved with the crypto and blockchain space since 2013. My knowledge in this field was vastly amplified by working and participating in many different projects since.


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Always looking to meet new and interesting people. You can use the details below to connect with me. I would be happy to speak at your event, talk about decentralisation and blockchain or help you design something special. PGP ID: 0x79B9361614D21F79



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