My Bio

To give you an overview, I have been heavily involved with the cryptocurrency scene since 2013. During this period I have been active throughout numerous communities to help distribute, promote and understand their work. I have also worked as a journalist and the CCO – in charge of external communications and partnerships to help expand our presence – for an online news based website.

I am also one of the Founders of BITNATION, coupling the possibilities brought about by blockchains and meshing them with the services that governments traditionally provide.

Since then I have moved on and now mainly speak at conferences and focus on blockchain adaptations itself, which are providing solutions to our many global limitations and problems.

Some of my articles can be found below:



I was featured by a Dutch Media company:

Ambassador Interview for BITNATION:

“To implement any bitcoin technology within existing centralized state boundaries and laws would limit, and perhaps destroy the very thing it was designed to change.” — Amin Rafiee

Furthermore, I have been a part of numerous conversation that surround the regulatory aspect of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Moving forward – and this is what i would call an excellent example – we were able to use this to help refugees that are currently facing many issues in the EU region. I with the help of a few other people put together a website for stateless people who have no way of identifying themselves, their family members or accessing money. You can see the website here:

This recently won an award by NetExplo Forum hosted in cooperation with UNESCO in Paris (2017). You can see my presentation and award below:

This website and work was mentioned in numerous articles, such as:

Decentralised government project Bitnation offers refugees blockchain IDs and bitcoin debit cards:


I have also spoken at conferences throughout Europe to share the truth about decentralization and to show people that Bitcoin is much more than a currency. Place i have spoken:

BTC2B 2014 – The First Bitcoin To Business Congress – Brussels

Amsterdam Bitcoinference 2014

Amsterdam Bitcoinference 2015 Q1

Amsterdam Bitcoinference 2015 Q2

Amsterdam Bitcoinference 2016

Amsterdam Meetups 2014 – 2017

London Bitcoin Expo 2015

Bitcoin Conference Kiev, Ukraine 2015

Hackers Congress, Czech Republic 2015

One of my presentations was mentioned in the following article:

Bitcoin Conference Prague 2016

Hackers Congress, Czech Republic 2016 – Bio-Hacking &: Innovations That Changed The World

Trust In The Digital World 2016 – Dutch Ministry of Economics- Den Haag, Netherlands 2016

EU Commission — Brussels, Belgium 2016

EU Commission — Berlin — as an adviser for bitcoin and blockchain – 2016

I AM Blockchain – IDnext — Netherlands 2017

Towards World Peace – Den Haag – Netherlands 2017

Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue covering Governing Risks and Benefits of Distributed Ledger Technologies 2017, Switzerland;jsessionid=5B496841A0685768255D1C63579E1142

Hackers Congress – Czech Republic 2017

Utrecht Meetups: BITTOPIA – Tech Tuesdays 2017

Blockchain Talks Vol.2 – Amsterdam – Netherlands 2017

Interview with SBS Televison – Sydney, Australia 2018

Liberty Festival – Croatia 2018

Second Statebox Summit – Amsterdam, Netherlands 2018